Will It Fly Becomes a Bestseller! Shout Outs to All Who Helped

Will It Fly Becomes a Bestseller

My new book, Will It Fly?, is now a bestseller!

It hit #1 in all business related categories on Amazon this week, including #1 in Entrepreneurship, #1 in Startups, and even #1 in Self-Help/Motivational. Furthermore, the paperback copy of the book got up to #80 Overall Best Seller (out of all books!), and the Kindle version climbed to Top #22 Overall Best Seller in the Kindle Store.

And at one point, both the Kindle and Paperback copy were both #1 and #2 in the Entrepreneurial category, which was super cool to see:

Screenshot 2016-02-03 15.01.31

It’s still pretty crazy to me to see it do so well in the rankings, surpassing several authors I admire and well-known books that have been around for ages. Of course, I’m coming off the excitement of the launch and the true test is how well will the book do over the long haul, but based on many of the comments from readers, it’s set up to be a big game-changer and one that should have some good legs to it.

Almost a dozen people have called it “the next 4-Hour Work Week,” which is an incredibly amazing comment to hear, especially because that book helped change my life. I’m hoping my book will do the same for others for a long time to come.

Thank —all of you—who have helped support the book in one way or another. Whether you purchased a copy, many copies, or simply shared it with others, I’m incredibly thankful for you and your support.

And if you have yet to pick up the book, click here to get it now!

Where Will It Fly? Was Featured

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout out to those who helped promote the book. Some of the links below are to interviews on podcasts and blogs that were planned months in advance, and others reviews and mentions were done without me even knowing it, which is awesome!

If you happen to write a review about Will It Fly? on your blog, or feature it in a podcast of your own, shoot me an email at pat@smartpassiveincome.com, and I’ll include that link and highlight it here too.

Will It Fly Book: Business Validation Strategies from Pat Flynn [LNIM090] (Late Night Internet Marketing)

YOU150 – Conquering Self-Publishing & Asking Ourselves ‘Will It Fly?’, with Pat Flynn (YouPreneur with Chris Ducker)

MBA506 Guest Teacher: Pat Flynn – How to Define Your Ideal Customer (The $100 MBA)

Starve Wars – Will It Fly w/ @PatFlynn (Jared Easley on Starve the Doubts)

Test Your Business Idea Without Wasting Time & Money with Pat Flynn (Jaime Tardy and EventualMillionaire.com)

Freedom Hackers Q&A With Pat Flynn [Webinar] (Kimra Luna)

Will It Fly? An Interview with Pat Flynn (Hal Elrod)

How to Test Your Next Business Idea (Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield)

SFN140: Got a Business Idea? Make sure that it will work, with Pat Flynn (Start from Nothing with Andy Drish)

Will It Fly? with Pat Flynn (Build Your Tribe with Chalene Johnson)

Pat Flynn on How to Know If Your Business Idea Will Work (Ray Edwards)

#TLS #118: Proactively Parenting with an Entrepreneurial Mindset with Pat Flynn (The Lively Show with Jess Lively)

101: Will It Fly? How to Validate Your Business Before You Invest, With Pat Flynn (My Wife Quit Her Job with Steve Chou)

Building Business Ideas That Succeed: How to Preflight Your Ideas (The Social Media Examiner Show with Michael Stelzner)

434 – How Do You Know If Your Idea Will Succeed? An Interview with Pat Flynn (Podcast Answer Man with Cliff Ravenscraft)

Are you as good as you’re gonna get? (48 Days with Dan Miller)

SA 86: Pat Flynn Wants You to Fly (The Social Authority Podcast with Amy Schmittauer)

Pat Flynn | Will It Fly? [Episode 483] (The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger)

1198: Will It Fly? Pat Flynn Shares How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time (Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas)

Pat Flynn: How To (Profitably) Launch Anything (Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Moran)

Pat Flynn Asks, “Will It Fly?” M&M Podcast 15 (Money & Media Podcast with Philip Taylor)

092: Pat Flynn: Validate Your Idea Before You Leap (The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins)

Pat Flynn: Will It Fly? How to Validate or Find a Profitable Topic For Your Online Business (Entrepreneurs Journey with Yaro Starak)

How to Turn Your Product Daydreams Into Reality (Problogger Podcast with Darren Rowse)

312 | Will Your Business Idea Fly, An Interview with Pat Flynn (Internet Business Mastery)

377: Pat Flynn: Test Your Business Before You Invest (The Solopreneur Hour with Michael O’Neal)

How to Get Your Big Idea Off the Ground (Michael Hyatt Blog)

Change Maker: Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income (Teachable Blog)

Will It Fly? Pat Flynn Knows the Answer (Write to Be Read with Ani Alexander)

GBL059: My Advice to Those Dreaming About Starting an Online Business (Get Busy Living Blog with Benny Hsu)

Pat Flynn’s New Book Soars (Dot Cannon from Two Maverix)

Will It Fly? Book Launch Team and Book Review (Testing the Muse)

Will It Fly (Make Money with Words with Karmen)

Will It Fly: Book Review (The Seasonal Diet with Sarah)

WNOP 070: Jak przetestowa? swój pomys? na biznes, aby nie zmarnowa? czasu i pieni?dzy – opowiada Pat Flynn (Michal Szafranski)

Will It Fly Book Review (Pat Flynn is So White) (Franki from FBK Write)

How to Test Your Idea Before Taking the Plunge (Sam from My College Life Coach)

How to Validate a Business Idea  (Will from Will You Laugh)

Testing Your Business Idea (Frank from Franc C Jones)

I’d Also Like to Thank…

The launch team, of course, who had an amazing impact on the success of this book. Plus, a whole lot of people who picked up pre-order copies of the book that I promised to say thanks to publicly here on the blog. This includes:

Adam Preiser: WPCrafter.com

Jason Logsdon: ModernistCookingMadeEasy.com

Shimeka Williams: EscapingcubicleCaptivity.com

Monica Louie: OurDebtFreeFamily.com

Walt Breuninger: CanIPlayThrough.com

Tyler Philbrook: IAmtheFutureMe.com

Sam Gavis-Hughson: byte-by-byte.com

Dave Koziel: DaveKoziel.com

Mark Mason: latenightim.com

Scott Maderer: ChristianStewardshipCoaching.com

Brandon Richardson: FBAroadmap.com

Darek Chojnacki: BusinessRunway.com

Susan Rampson: MidlifeFreedom.com

Chris Gilbert: tagrtime.com

Meggan Hill: CulinaryHill.com

Stephanie Dennis: FindingtheBestFit.com

Joe Baird: LearnitMakeit.com

Beth Anne Schwamberger: BrilliantBusinessMoms.com

Jason Resnick: rezzz.com

Vicki Mager: Eyedbands.com

Jeff Lord: WeReadEveryday.com

The 5DayDeal Team: 5daydeal.com

Jeff Agostinelli: JeffAgostinelli.com

LaTesha Burroughs: OptimizePlayer.com

John Meese: JohnMeese.me

Mitzi Eaker: MitziJaneMedia.com

Dylan Tanner: glaance.com

Karen B: FlexFitStudio.com

Ken Blevins: metrowestres.com

Christine Murphy: mythankyousite.com

Anil Agrawal: LeadershipFocusHQ.com

Robin “Kaley” Shorter: spacetosmile.com

Joseph Paun: wrestlingdad.com

Ryan Rhoten: RyanRhoten.com

Ree Klein: PrivateLabelPreneur.com

Grant Brott: HauntedHouseStartup.com

Tripp Fuller: HomebrewedChristianity.com

Sarah Heredia: Eventparty.supplies

Todd Faulk: PsoriasisNow.com

Rick Coplin: RickCoplin.com

Bill Gordon: wgordon3.com

Fumnanya Bernard: TheLimitBreaker.com

Bennett Coughlan: WeLearnWordpress.com

Bryan Kesler: ultimateCPAexamguide.com

Erik VanLandingham: DrivenKid.com

Matthew Smith: SqueakyCleanTeeth.com

Christian Karasiewicz: SocialChefs.com

Carlos Lall: assume-wisely.com

Matt D’Angelo: FlyingJourney.com

John Pullum: Pullum.com

Kenny Azama: BrandAmbassadorWorld.com

Evan Paquette: MagicEvan.com

Molly Mahoney: ThePreparedPerformer.com

Heather Green: lifeinthegreenroom.com

Tanya McGill Freeman: DigitalSophisticate.com

Layne Johnson: LayneJohnson.com

Ethan Robish: EthanRobish.com

Oxana Holtmann: OxanaHoltmann.com

Keith Shimon: body-activation.com

Lily Fouts: LilyAnnFouts.com

Jeremiah Candelaria: WeChooseWonder.com

Chris Goosman: BaselineAudio.com

Joella Castillo: JoellaCastillo.com

Shira Nelson: MomBeyondBaby.com

Jared Caya: OrthoticProstheticStudyGuide.com

Ben Shatto: ThePhysicalTherapyAdvisor.com

Teri Black: tbcrecruiting.com

Kathleen Thompson: KathleenAnnThompson.com

Heather Newton: get.ourstory.online

Dane Gilson: DaneGilson.com

Lee Hills: MrExplainer.com

Sally Miller: SallyAnnMiller.com

Karen Smith: FindingPurpose.com

Brian CdeBaca: techtalklearn.com

Ryan Grant: OnlineSellingExperiment.com

Ryan Maher: RyanMaher.net

Megan Finkelstein: HandmadeBrooklyn.com

David Neff: HealFissures.com

Paul Osborne: mealbyte.com

Nick Horowski: Evo-health.com

JJ Mayo: FuelforEndurance.com

Ian Gordon: StartupDaddy.com

Chris Conley: GravityTank.com

Connie Ragen Green: ConnieRagenGreen.com

Megan Harrison: MeganKHarrison.com

Tyler Power: StealthTrips.com

Jacob Yanez: VentureFeasibility.com/

Travis Wilkerson: TraderTravis.com

Shane Addinall: InkfishDigital.com

Travis Allison: gocamp.pro

Shoukri Kattan: dreamjobexec.com

Jeffery Wood: sweatyshop.com

John Biglin: InterphaseSystems.com

Meredith Eisenberg: timetradersclub.com

Jonathan Looi: TheTravelGearReviews.com

Julia Darcy: LearnDoLabs.com

Alton Skinner: AltonSkinner.com

Deborah Helen: DeborahHelen.com

Frank Jones: FrankCJones.com

Nathan Ballash: NathanBallash.com

Kurt Libby: theaxiom.org

Christopher Olaes: tshirtdesigncoach.com

Charlie Cichetti: gbes.com

Adam Wallschlaeger: UnsubscribefromtheCubicle.com

Haydee Montemayor: loveandtreasure.com

Rob Jordan: KnowHowtoProfit.com

Allura Slater: heartmindkids.com

Ryan OLoughlin: englishformydream.com

Samantha Hoppes: hellobellastudio.com

Joe Barnosky: TheWorshipAcoustifier.com

Joshua Seadia: FoundMyPassion.com

Danielle Spataro: dreamjourneysecrets.com

Trevor Larcheveque: TheAmateurMaker.com

Keith Champion: HowtoRentaRoom.com

Dave Mooring: supersimpl.com

Brandon Jubar: BrandonJubar.com

Jill Morenz: DesignForRealPeople.com

Samuel Augustin: necessaryfit.com

Matt Barfield: autismmissionary.com

Robert Farrington: thecollegeinvestor.com

Diana Lopez: disruptivefounder.com

Jonah Kelly: testingthemuse.com

Rob Peters: madjack3dprints.com

Erik Johnson: PodcastTalentCoach.com

Doug May: WSGear.com

Kinsey Roberts: vistaviewevents.com

Mikel Billstrom: fromthebottom.net

Nathan Shearer: rapidstartup.io

Lucinda Lions: lionwriting.com.au

Meredith Hurston: MeredithHurston.com

Sue Sundstrom: SueSundstrom.com

Christina Gmyr: fleetinglife.com

Michael O’Sullivan: KimberlyCarrHomeDesigns.com

Dave Tng: SmartPassiveCashFlow.com

Mihai Herman: MihaiHerman.com

Nils Smith: NilsSmithSolutions.com

Gisèle St. Hilaire: sunyatamovementstudio.com

Edward Prieto: eyefordesigns.com

Rob Orr: RobOrr.net

Vince Carter: bootstrappingit.com

Nick Weisenberger: coaster101.com

Courtney Slaziik: clickitupanotch.com

Brent Warner: edtech.tv

JP Camara: JPCamara.com

Sam Montoya: TheCuriousNovice.com

Michael Hall: financiallyalert.com

Roxanne Gilmore: RoxanneGilmore.com

Paul Fredette: MaryClaireAndPaul.com

Iris Gonzalez: evolutionari.com

Ron Kelleher: RonKelleher.com

Safiyah Satterwhite: fearlessandfree.tv

Robert Taylor: preachnet.com

Eddie Ferguson: FergusonFirearmsTraining.com

Benji Walklet: thecoffeeconcierge.net

Astrid von Weittenhiller: lifecatcher.de

Shannon Bradford: richcareernation.com

Mama Natural: MamaNatural.com

Seth Price: CraftofMarketing.com

Pete Nicolay: howtoanalyst.com

Jon Toy: Jon-Toy.com

Jason Linett: TransformationZone.com

Jason Heninger: guitartree.com

Christian Akesson: YourGuidetotheInternet.com

Jake Mensing: TheTurfSpot.com

Sarah Hammond: BestADHDLife.com

Gary Ware: breakthroughplay.com

Heidi Bender: tonsofthanks.com

David Hooper: redpodcast.com

Benny Hsu: getbusylivingblog.com

Jose Maldonado: DiabeticCaveman.com

Yasir Shah: basitsolutionsgroup.com

Scott Wasserman: VisionedMedia.com

Ronen Bekerman: RonenBekerman.com

Marietta Stalcup: ievolvellc.com

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Maria Murillo: CostaRica-Authentic.com

Karin Joan: KarinJoan.nl

Mike LaPierre: MikeLaPierre.com

Fernando Ramirez: PowerUpMM

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Joona Tuunanen: iamjoona.com

Julie Santosuosso: millennialboss.com/

Lawrence Davis: dropthatgut.com

Martin Diaz: tuvistasana.com

Randy Braatz: flyboytoys.com

Lana Camiel: LanaCamiel.com

Jon Albano: LodgingMetrics.com

Matt Handal: HelpEverybodyEveryDay.com

Nikki Massie: bariatricfoodie.com

Victor Miller: VictorMiller.co

Carin Clark: carinkilbyclark.com

John Shirk: rehealthyourself.com

Lise Halskov: onlinehaj.dk

Yehudit Steinberg: thinkgrowlive.com

Amy Smith: SaratogaArms.com

Tommy Venuti: modernfitnessandfatloss.com

Wes Winsor: WesWinsorLaw.com

Walt Sparling: functionsense.com

Monica Metz: MonicaMetz.com

David Conklin: VirtueYou.com

Nicola Semple: howtobuildyourbusinessonline.com

Mark Schinnerer: patrioticexpressions.com

Michelle Stephens: ProWebCopy.com

Mike Bayer: VacationRentalFormula.com

Marc Johanssen: motoanswers.com

Katanna Castille: GetLifeCoached.com

Joseph Muench: PharmacyJoe.com

Tracie Kim: sixdegreesgirl.com

John Zenkert: reviewcraft.com

Kevin Tang: vyper.io

Angel Anderson: AngelAnderson.com

Randy Overly: uddermarketing.com

Gerard Gonzales: redbarn.toys

Skye Coleman: engineeredpath.com

Wayne Morgan: uselife.com

John Guidroz: SnapSoccer.com

Lain Ehmann: LainEhmann.com

Andrea Tabler: tablerpartyoftwo.com

Nayo Carter-Gray: 1stStepAccounting.com

Gilda Avila: GildaAvila.com

Peter Kang: groveave.co

Teresa Shindle: weelittlemebooks.com

Roger Graves: TheAutomationPro.com

Hank Osborne: homeschoolsupport.net

Peter Morrison: simple-nourished-living.com

Dina Virrueta: YourBrandtasticPodcast.com

Greg Harrington: actioneersmobile.com

Jens Hilgedieck: ParttimeEntrepreneur.de

Paul Potter: PaulPotterPT.com

Benjamin Arellano: benpreneur.com

Anthony Surrette: AnthonySurrette.com

Jennie Kesselman: happyhealthylady.com

Matt Lichtenwalner: dragonbones.net

Mitch Vogel: medicalbusinessacademy.com

Eva Rawposa: launchyourbliss.com

Josh Haroldson: OurFirstDrink.com

Owen Anderson: businessboostexperts.com

Jason Hobbs: learn.withbitsoflogic.com

Matt Lovell: MattLovell.net

Anthony Niebo: AnthonyNiebo.com

Rebecca Franklin: RebeccaFranklin.com

Nate Comerford: hackingyourbudget.com

Jeff Prewitt: JeffPrewitt.com

Susan Marett: canineconfidenceuniversity.com

Linda Curty: LindaCurty.com

Khaleef Crumbley: knsfinancial.com

Dan Horner: ProgrammingDecoded.com

Gary Foote: theunstucklife.com

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Peter Lowles: thelandingpagecoach.com

Kenneth Titus: GovernmentJobHQ.com

Charlie Cichetti: sigearth.com

Kat Abianac: katabianac.com

Alessandra Colaci: influencebuzz.com

Wendy Kim: yourdreamrealized.com

LaTonya Walker: JustTonya.com

Barry Stott-Brookes: thearchitectsatelier.com

Lindsey Aleson: blogmelovely.com

David Parra: DavidParra.com

T Wong: exetermedicalacupuncture.co.uk

Cath Andrews: raising-happy-chickens.com

Jose Mario Hilario: virtualcareersbook.com

Keith Mc Manus: redesignmyexistence.com

Sebastian Czypionka: bonek.de

Jonathan Hall: awesome40s.com

Karo Paszkowska: TrustKoaching

Seph Fontane Pennock: positivepsychologyprogram.com

Ross Worden: conquestmaps.com

John Richmond: rich-productions.com

Hannah Rose: wholefoodiechallenge.com

Alessio Rozzi: SpringsteenBootlegCollection.com

Rich Sadler: profitfromparadise.com

George Laurentiu Saioc: beonweb.ro

Jamie Francis: francisbrothersfilms.com

Vandana Taxali: entcounsel.com

Allan Ngo: DigitalSolopreneur.com

Mayank Gupta: simplestartup.net

Jacquie Treagus: roamingcooking.com

Daniel Pallaras: ModernEducation.com.au


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