Intro to Affiliate Marketing: The Soft Pitch Pipeline – SPI TV, Ep. 32

Last week, I wrapped up Email Marketing Month. Not to worry, though—the good stuff isn’t over! Now that November is here, I’m kicking off a whole new series: Affiliate Marketing Month.

The first thing I want to share is something I call the Soft Pitch Pipeline, a methodology I’ve created to help affiliate marketers achieve success that benefits them, their products, and their audience.

This approach to affiliate marketing will help you “tee up” your product to your audience, so that your affiliate campaigns are a win for everybody. Watch to learn more:

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affiliate-marketing-tsw-cover-300pxAlso, don’t forget to download my brand new eBook, Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way! It’s my latest FREE guide that summarizes my own years of experience of what works for successfully integrating affiliate marketing into an online business and brand.

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