The Keys to Being Confident in Front of the Microphone


Meekness has no place in front of a microphone.

But, for new showrunners who are just getting started, and even grizzled showrunners who still deal with the roller coaster of human emotion, how do you develop and maintain the confidence necessary to run a remarkable show?

This episode was inspired by a reader email, the kind of email that would make any showrunner’s day. Included in the email was a request that Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor cover a new topic: confidence.

And, after an awkward and potentially confidence-shattering beginning, during which Jon risks inciting a Showrunner scandal by admitting that he doesn’t like Serial … that’s exactly what they do.

Jerod and Jon dig into the following:

  • How Jon “tricked himself” into being confident when he started Hack the Entrepreneur … and then actually became confident
  • How Jerod used logic and experience to “empower himself to stink” before he had any real confidence in his ability to podcast
  • Tricks and hacks you can use to manufacture confidence before you really have any
  • Why having a clear understanding of your Audience of One is a key to confidence
  • Jon explains why he’s been struggling to record a particular topic for a Showrunner Short

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