Why You Should Think Outside the Box About Online Courses


Are you struggling to figure out how to incorporate a course into your digital business model?

Maybe you’re being too rigid when thinking about online courses.

After a quick refresher about how online courses can accelerate your digital business model, Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth discuss the following:

  • The power of taking an outside-the-box view of online courses
  • How an online course framework can work for entertainment as well as education
  • Various ways Jerod and Demian could incorporate courses into their side projects (which you’re welcome to steal for your own projects)
  • How to use free and paid courses together
  • What Jerod learned when creating The Showrunner Podcasting Course (and what Demian learned by participating in it)
  • Why The Showrunner Podcasting Course is a living, breathing example of how a course can indirectly make a podcast profitable
  • Demian’s thoughts on the challenges of developing a responsive podcast audience
  • How courses can help you leverage old content that new audience members haven’t seen or heard

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