How to Use LinkedIn to Build (and Grow) Your Online Business

Listen and learn - How to use LinkedIn

It’s easy to think of LinkedIn as merely a fancy job board masquerading as a social network.

Kind of like that old uncle that shows up to the family picnic dressed in a three-piece suit.

Sure, you might be thinking, it has a role in the content marketing family, but it’s kind of boring and — from its appearance — not too cool, right?


If you think LinkedIn is just a quick way to recruit talent, or maybe just an expensive way to do B2B marketing, then I have news for you: it has way more to offer you and your business.

Introducing my new podcast, The Missing Link

themissinglinkI have been the resident advocate for LinkedIn inside of Copyblogger Media for years.

After countless hours opining internally about its benefits, the powers that be finally decided to let me loose on our audience. 😉

There’s a new show on the Rainmaker.FM podcast network, and I call it The Missing Link.

It’s hosted by me and Mica Gadhia. Each week, we turn the tables on conventional thoughts about LinkedIn.

And this show is unlike any other show we have on Rainmaker.FM.

It’s edgy, controversial, and more importantly … it will change your view on the role of LinkedIn in your marketing mix with tactics to help you succeed.

LinkedIn for consumer marketing

Yes, you read that correctly.

Numerous brands use LinkedIn to reach consumers. In our first episode of The Missing Link, we tell you how.

Jason Miller — bestselling author and Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn — was our first guest, and he helped dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about marketing on the platform.

Even better, he shared several case studies on how major consumer brands use LinkedIn today to reach and engage their customers.

If you are serious about digital marketing, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about LinkedIn — and our new show is your indispensable guide.

And, as a special gift to the listeners of the show, I will share a list of some of the top resources that every marketing professional needs to be successful on LinkedIn.

But you have to listen to the show to get the link.

The essential resources you need to market successfully on LinkedIn

If you want access to the essential resources that you will need to market successfully on LinkedIn, then subscribe to The Missing Link via iTunes right now … and leave a rating or review if you like it.

Our new podcast is a mix of a little crazy with a healthy dose of insight to make it entertaining and educational.

You’ll never think of LinkedIn as that old, boring uncle ever again.

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The Missing Link on iTunes

About the author

Sean Jackson

Sean Jackson is CFO and Partner at Copyblogger Media and the host of The Missing Link. Get more from him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

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