Business and Marketing for Artists and Creative Workers, Part Two


John T. Unger is one of the few — an artist who makes a living from his work, without the traditional gallery system.

He also didn’t win a fat grant or find a rich benefactor. Instead, over years of disciplined work, he found a way to create art that satisfied him creatively while also finding a home with happy buyers. And he’s creatively used the web as a way to find more of those buyers and get his work into more homes and businesses.

John hasn’t done a podcast interview in quite some time, preferring to spend his time on his work (both the creative and business sides), so Sonia Simone is really pleased he was willing to join us for this one.

One word of warning: Sonia and John conducted this interview by phone, so the sound quality is workable but not studio-quality.

In this 33-minute episode of Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer, host Sonia Simone and John T. Unger talk about:

  • How to deal with the problem that the world doesn’t “need” your art
  • The ever-evolving nature of John’s business
  • The benefits of seeing the business side of art as your “day job”
  • The eternal question for artists: selling out vs. making a living
  • When and why to actively seek out boredom
  • The advice he gives to younger artists and musicians who are just starting out

Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work. – Gustave Flaubert

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